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    When you need to enhance your recuperation from physical, mental, and emotional stress, Recovery is the blend for you. Cannabis alone does a great job for many as a recovery aid, adding CannaBlendz Recovery can enhance pain relief, peace of mind, and muscle relaxation. Users revel in this blend to calm their mind and help them have an amazing night of sleep.

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    When you need to ‘Lock In’ for an extended period of time and master a topic or activity, MasterMind is the blend for you. Cannabis alone can assist your focus but adding CannaBlendz MasterMind enhances clarity, increasing the capacity to work in flow states like gaming, writing, and creative projects. Medicinal users also benefit from a reduction of brain fog and increased productivity.

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    When you need both energy and motivation to perform, Performance is the blend for you. Cannabis alone, particularly your favorite sativa, can reduce both your energy and motivation but adding CannaBlendz Performance increases your energy, confidence, positive outlook, and physical well-being. Raving fans describe Performance as the perfect pre-workout companion.

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    When you need to improve your experience in social situations, Good Times is the blend for you. Cannabis alone has the tendency to make some people feel socially awkward or enhance their anxiousness, but adding CannaBlendz Good Times can increase energy, social comfort, joyfulness and confidence. Users can feel more comfortable in their skin without the typical depletion from social activities.

What people are saying...

"I felt so tired and irritated after work, but when I take Recovery with my cannabis, it relaxes and calms me so I can enjoy my time with my family."

"I went on vacation with a new boyfriend and his family. They love to play boardgames, and I was nervous about keeping up with all the banter and inside jokes. I took Good Times about 45 minutes before smoking a sativa joint. It was amazing how much more comfortable I felt joking around and teasing, and I swear it helped me keep track and engage mentally too."

"I tried MasterMind at work and didn’t get as tired over the course of my day and finished my reports faster than normal."

"I enjoy sativa joints with coffee. Especially when I'm getting ready for the day or mid afternoon pick me up. I like the idea of a similar pairing option to my sativa joints, but Performance’s effect was smoother and lasted a lot longer."