Restorative Blend

When you need to enhance your recuperation from physical, mental, and emotional stress, Recovery is the blend for you. Cannabis alone does a great job for many as a recovery aid, adding CannaBlendz Recovery can enhance pain relief, peace of mind, and muscle relaxation. Users revel in this blend to calm their mind and help them have an amazing night of sleep.

Functional Enhancements

The rejuvenation Recovery promotes is commonly paired with less energetic strains or hybrids, but consumers who prefer more sativa like energetic strains have also reported positive experiences. Consumers that have been the most vocal fans of Recovery often fall into one of three scenarios. There is the, “I didn’t realize how much I’d run myself down” camp, the “I was so tense and irritable with stress” camp, and the “I was in pain because of a muscle strain or soreness after a hard physical effort”. The each describe a heighten sense of calm with an easing of tension, then a great night of sleep, and waking up rejuvenated with a meaningful improvement in their condition. Those who like pairing the experience with a more energetic strain have a similar experience, but they often describe having great heartfelt conversations or enjoying time with loved ones with a delayed onset of sleepiness.

  • Consumers with a high THC tolerance may “underperform”, meaning you’ll still enjoy the health benefits but the enhancements to your high may not be as noticeable at the standard dosage. If your endocannabinoid system is constantly stimulated, it may need more support from CannaBlendz. Assessing your experience after an hour, these consumers may want to add a 3rd cube to support the enhancement. This may also be necessary for larger individuals. We do not recommend ever taking more than 4 cubes, however, because this will increase the chances for a negative reaction in the rare event of an unknown predisposition against an ingredient.

  • Recovery has a calming effect for many consumers, and it's often described as a “great body high” that eases aches and pains. If you are under-slept, which is the vast majority of us, it will likely act as a sleep aid to help you rest. There has been more than a few reports of “best sleep of my life”. So keep this in mind as you chose when to consume Recovery. If you are well rested, though, the calming effect is likely to be more emotional than sedative. We’ve had feedback from couples that Recovery helped them have breakthrough conversations on what had been emotionally difficult topics. These variable effects are a great example of how homeostasis works towards the balance your system needs, so there will be differences between both people and individuals under different conditions.

    For many of those who consume the majority of their cannabis in the evenings as a way to unwind and sleep better, Recovery has become a regular part of their routine. They also report that the addition of Recovery enabled a lot of them to dial back the quantity of cannabis they had to consume each evening, e.g., from 40mg of edibles to 15 or 20mg, while still experiencing superior results than higher doses without Recovery.

"I felt so tired and irritated after work, but when I take Recovery with my cannabis it relaxes and calms me so I can enjoy my time with my family.”

Health Benefits

With regular use of 2 or more times per week, CannaBlendz enhances your ability to cope with mental, physical, and environmental stress.  While each Blend has a different functional effect, with regular use they all provide substantial support for homeostasis, the state of equilibrium our body seeks when pushed out of balance by stressors. This means any combination of CannaBlendz products taken 2 or more times per week will make you more resilient, productive, emotionally balanced, and feel healthier.

For Recovery specifically, consumers report feeling more physically & emotionally relaxed, improved sleep, increased productivity, mental stamina, emotional balance, and feelings of physical well-being. Many reported being most excited about the fact that this dramatically enhanced “exactly why I consume cannabis, to recover from the stress of modern life.”

  • While most all of CannaBlendz ingredients support aspects of homeostasis, the real superstars are the adaptogens. Out of more than 70,000 medicinal plants around the world, only 12 are known as adaptogens. They were given this name, because they help your body adapt to physical, chemical, and biological stress by supporting homeostasis. Remarkably, this means their effects adapt to your unique needs. This means we can each start in our own unique physical, pharmacological and psychological position, but they bring us back to the balanced middle. They’re known to help improve sleep, digestion, motivation, peace of mind, productivity, and physical performance.

    Recovery blends Ashwagandha with a nootropic, a potent antioxidant, and pain relieving herb. Ashwagandha has become arguably the most widely used adaptogen in North America and Europe to help those dealing with stress induced depression. When combined with an activated endocannabinoid system and the other ingredients in the blend, consumers report a significant enhancement in the adaptogenic benefits over what they normally experience. This means the effects are stronger at lower and less frequent doses.

    Typically adaptogenic benefits are noticed in hindsight. A common comment is, “You know I’ve been getting a lot done, feeling good, and things haven’t been bothering me as much. I think it’s working!” So it often takes a week or two to notice and realize they’re making a difference, and it wasn’t just “a couple of good days”. If you’ve got a regular workout routine, you might notice your feeling more energetic, or just not as tired afterwards. If you’ve got a difficult person you work with, you may notice you don’t feel like strangling them as often. Maybe you’re getting just a little further down your to-do list each day, or you’re waking up feeling like it was a great night of sleep more often. It will be subtle small steps, that will add up to big improvements in the quality of your life over time.

The Science

For cannabis we talk about the “entourage effect”, where the combined effect of multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids on the endocannabinoid system is greater than the sum of their parts. Expanding this concept, the science behind CannaBlendz is complex, but straightforward. Each blend triggers a "Super Entourage Effect" that engages receptors in multiple systems to collaborate with the endocannabinoid system.

The Receptor Map helps us visualize how many more receptors and systems we engage towards our goals than with just cannabis alone. The receptors each CannaBlendz ingredients effects are captured on the outer circle and the receptors THC effects in the endocannabinoid system are on the inner circle. Utilizing the principles of network pharmacology, where one looks at the combined effect of many small advances toward an outcome, each of these receptors represents another part of your body that has been engaged to help you achieve your goals and improve your wellness.

CannaBlendz’s patent pending Blendz were formulated to reduce the quantity of medicine required, potential adverse reactions, and variability of results all while enhancing the functional benefits of your experience and supporting your long term health benefits. With Recovery, for example, we trigger receptors that support a calm mind & body, reduce inflammation, spasms, pain, and enhance feelings of well-being to shape your experience.



The science behind CannaBlendz is complex, but straightforward.

Active Ingredients

Recovery’s blend of Ashwagandha, Corydalis, Silymarin, and 5-HTP help support calm, healing, pain reduction, restful sleep, and waking up renewed.

  • Traditional Uses: For close to 6,000 years Ashwagandha has been considered a powerful medicine that can treat many ailments. It is commonly used to increase stamina & concentration, decrease tension, and improve cognitive function.

    Adverse Reactions: In general, side effects are very uncommon and have not been clearly defined. Large doses can cause stomach aches, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, most likely because of direct irritation to the intestinal mucosa.

  • Traditional Uses: Corydalis is used for mild depression, mild mental disorders, emotional disturbances, severe nerve damage, and limb tremors. It is also used as a mild sedative and tranquilizer and it can help lower blood pressure.

    Adverse Reactions: Corydalis is generally recognized as safe, but is not advised for pregnant or nursing people. In some unusual cases some people have experienced vertigo, fatigue, and nausea. At much larger doses than suggested, there are reports of liver toxicity, if you have any liver damage please consult a physician before consuming.

  • Traditional Uses: Silymarin is a flavonoid that is the main bioactive component in Milk Thistle. It is one of the most widely used natural compounds for the treatment of liver disease and liver support worldwide, due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antifibrotic properties. There is a growing body of research, however, that shows these benefits extend beyond the liver. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses it primarily for the purpose of relieving toxic materials from the body. Additional uses of milk thistle extract include support for the digestive system, maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels, easing symptoms of diabetes, and management of menopausal symptoms.

    Adverse Reactions: Although generally recognized as safe, rare side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach, gas, bloating, headache, rashes, and/or joint pain have been known to occur. On extremely rare occasions, milk thistle has caused severe allergic reactions that are potentially life-threatening.

  • Traditional Uses: Southern Africa’s Griffonia Seeds have traditionally been eaten to help with depression, anxiety, weight loss, headaches and insomnia. We’ve extracted the primary active compound 5-HTP, which stimulates production of serotonin, the chemical often credited with our feelings of happiness, and is commonly used to fight depression and insomnia. People taking SSRIs and other psychiatric medication should consult their physician before stimulating serotonin production.

    Adverse Reactions: 5-HTP is generally recognized as safe, with very few cases of adverse reactions at the suggested doses. Some psychiatric medications that limit the uptake of serotonin, like SSRIs, can create adverse reactions when 5-HTP increases serotonin in the body. Make sure that if you’re taking any psychiatric medication to talk to your doctor first before consuming products with 5-HTP.

What people are saying...

“Recovery is extremely impressive and unique. It relieved my anxiety, and I woke up feeling great the next day.”

"I love the body high feeling Recovery gives me! It significantly improves my high."

"Helped me relax more than I have been able to do with just THC in a long time. It was like it reset my tolerance and experience back to when I first found cannabis."

"I live with complex PTSD and holding tension in my body is one of my biggest problems--this product truly helped my muscles relax in a remarkable way. "

"I felt like I took a muscle relaxer without the side effects of a pharmaceutical pill. My sense of well-being was quite strong, and then my sleep was awesome."

"I like the added sense of serenity and how it makes my high have more clarity."

"Recovery made me feel upbeat and energized. I love how it seemed to make the stress of my week melt away."

"I loved the feel and the lack of stress that I experienced after taking this."

“I buy sleep gummies all the time. Recovery did a much better job."

"It made me feel peaceful and tranquil, joy and laughter, physical comfort and pain relief. It really works!"

“I hurt my back and was having trouble getting out of bed. I couldn’t sit or stand up straight. The spasms were unbearable, and Advil wasn’t doing anything. Within 90 minutes of taking Recovery with 15mg of THC gummies I was able to get out of bed, sit, stand up straight, and actually get a little work done. I’m blown away!”

"I felt so tired and irritated after work, but when I take Recovery with my cannabis it relaxes and calms me so I can enjoy my time with my family.”